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How Do You Join I.Q.?

Joining I.Q. is easy - in game, under the social tab, search for "I.Q.", select the fleet, and hit Details. Private message one of the Fleet Commanders and ask to join.

Rules Of The Fleet

  • Have fun and be active with your fleet.
    • TeamSpeak is not a requirement but it makes it a lot more fun. If you are not in TeamSpeak please feel free to speak up in Fleet chat or the I.Q. channel. We all have wonderful senses of humor and love to hear about everyone's comedic take on something in game.
  • Work together (criticism is good when it's constructive not destructive)
  • Contribute when you can
    • There are no requirements to be an active contributor to the fleet but when you have extra in game remember that contributing to the fleet will ultimately lead to better fleet holding and better gear that you will have access to.
  • Don't be an asshole (aka douche)
  • Don't be a leech
    • we expect everyone to be able to contribute something (ie not just dil/fleet marks but an opinion on a build or to help fleetmates level a character or run some PVE)

Grounds for Dismissal

  • Irreversible Dismissal: continued disruptive behavior in fleet chat, Teamspeak, etc after being warned; we will not stand for an environment where someone does not have an open mind because "they are always right and everyone else is always wrong" Criticism must be constructive not destructive. If anyone is dismissed in this way however it will be agreed upon by a majority of all fleet commanders
  • Reversible dismissals:
    • > 3 months inactivity at ranks commander and below with no notice or contact to fleet commanders
    • > 6 months inactivity at ranks Captain and above with no notice or contact to fleet commanders
    • please note that if you are dismissed for any reason you can easily be re-instated by contacting any of the fleet leaders in game, through the web site, or in TeamSpeak.

We are mostly a PvE fleet - however PvP players are welcome. We have been known to have fun hanging out in Kerrat at times.

Ranking System

Rank Fleet Contribution
Lieutenant 0 to 9,999
Lieutenant Commander 10,000 to 29,999
Commander 30,000 to 99,999 (Store access,Div-X transfer)
Captain 100,000 to 299,999
Vice Admiral 300,000 to 999,999
Admiral 1,000,000 and an active role in fleet PVE and chat
Fleet Commander and Chief Significant amount of contributions, approval of all Fleet Commanders. Only when recruiting