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 +====== No-Win Scenario ======
 +//"I don't believe in a No-win Scenario"//​ -- James T. Kirk
 +One of Star Trek: Online'​s prominent and toilsome PvE actions is the aptly named '​No-Win Scenario'​. No-win Scenario involves the defense of a rather impuissant civilian transport. Whatever this transport contains, it's obviously of the highest priority to destroy by a number of races from the galaxy. This five-man event features some of the most extrusive team work and communication out of any of the events. This guide will explain how to overcome of the No-win(Without Power Creep)Scenario.
 +==== Basic Placement and Ships - Four Flank Cover and a Floater (The Flank Tac Attack) ====
 +The flank tac attack maneuver ensures that four players stand guard at the North, South, East and West point of the map, and the remaining player floats to provide assistance and healing when required. Roles for each flanker should be a **DPS Heavy AoE Tactical Officer with High Level Science Abilities** Basically, this means someone that can shoot a lot of things at the same time, and is able to keep them in one spot, or away from the transport. Here are the recommended ships in which a //Flank Defender// Should consider using:
 +''​**Will eventually format this list so that each ship name is on a new line, rather than being next to eachother**''​
 +Breen Chel Grett Cruiser -
 +Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer -
 +Mobius Temporal Destroyer -
 +Fleet Prometheus Advanced Escort -
 +Elachi S'​Golth Escort -
 +Ferengi D'Kora Marauder -
 +Cardassian Galor Cruiser -
 +Federation Patrol Escort -
 +Jem'​Hadar Attack Ship -
 +Jem'​Hadar Dreadnaught -
 +The floater should be mainly science-heavy,​ using such abilities as //Gravity Well// and //Tractor Beam Repulsers//​. The responsibility of the floater is a hefty one, in which I will elaborate on soon. The floater should consider using any of these ships above, including:
 +''​**Will also be formatted correctly when it isn't such a pain in the arse**''​
 +Vesta Multi-Mission Explorer -
 +Dyson Advanced Science Destroyer -
 +Wells Temporal Science Vessel -
 +Orb Weaver Science Vessel -
 +Recluse Science Vessel -
 +Caitian Atrox Carrier -
 +While the Flank Defender only needs to focus on eliminating any hostiles on their flank, the floater has a much broader range of responsibilities. As well as deploying crowd controls and heals, respectively - the floater is responsible for repulsing the dreadnaught out of range from the transport. I refer to this as the **Blockade**. A floater repulse a dreadnaught-class vessel far enough in which the team may heal the transport up to 100%, and have all their cooldowns reset before the next wave. Once the dreadnaught is destroyed, and no other ships remain, the next wave will trigger. //NOTE: By default, a floater must repulse the dreadnaught on the East side. If no dreadnaught is available on East, the next default is North. Waves Nine and Seven **DO NOT** spawn dreadnaughts. In this instance, it is recommended the floater save any random battleship//​
 +With that important detail now said, we can now discuss the options a floater can take depending on their build. There are two placement options available.
 +**Staying within 4-6KM within the transport** - This options keeps the floater out of enemy fire, with the ability to still pop gravity wells and be close enough to heal the transport. However, the floater may not be able to provide as much firepower, and react to the __Deadly Bio-Neural Warheads of Doom and Destruction__ .
 +**Staying within 10-15KM of the transport** - This option allows the floater to take a more hostile approach, and react quicker to incoming bio-neuries. However, the floater will be subject to increased threat generation, and may not be able to react as quickly if the transport requires critical heals
 +Whichever placement option you take depends on how your build works.
 +==== Basic Ship Configuration and Powers ====
 +''​**Stuff about Grav Wells, AoEs and stuff. To be continued...**''​