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 +====Risa Summer Event===
 +**Pavyl** //Locations are described below in the list and circled red on the map pictured below//
 +  - "A special place on the island"​
 +    - He will be hiding near some flowers in the upper cave with the entrance near the rope bridge
 +  - "Three there are on the island arcing over its waters. Beneath one I shall lie"
 +    - He will be on the east side of the arch closest to the resort
 +  - "​Standing alone a top a hill and a nesting place, there I shall wait"
 +    - He  will be in the trees near the northwest side of the Lighthouse on the northwest side of the map
 +  - In the old meeting place I shall wait
 +    - He will be hiding in the cave accessible from the river on the north side of the volcano
 +**The Big Year - "​Locate all the vista birds"​**
 +  * All the locations of the birds are circled in yellow on the map pictured below
 +{{ :​summer_locations.jpg |}}
 +  * Flying High
 +    * Floaters are much easier to fly by using shooter mode (default key is "​b"​) or by flying while holding down both mouse buttons
 +  * Dance Party
 +    * Remember that for emotes you are able to click the button to the right of the enter text box for chat and select the emotes menu.  From there if you click on the pin it leaves the menu up on your screen. ​ You can re-size it and move it anywhere on the screen so that you can have all your dance moves right there in front of you.  //FYI you won't be able to get into shooter mode while the menu is pinned//
 +  * Horga'​hn Hunt
 +    * FYI it is possible to run this event on three toons (only one needing a superior floater the rest with a standard) running a path starting behind the resort and following the shoreline to the east ending near two locations on the river grotto for number 9 & 10 to finish the event. ​ This will usually award around 35-50 favors per toon depending how many you find at each of the Horga'​hn locations. ​ There are two different patterns that are randomly generated but they are both very similar:
 +{{:​summer_hunt_1.jpg?​400 |}} {{ :​summer_hunt_2.jpg?​400|}}